Harvest Community Garden is a member of Community Gardens of Carrollton (501c3).  Community members who want to do organic gardening and provide produce for a local food bank are encouraged to volunteer.


In order to reach out to the Carrollton community and help provide organic produce for those in need, Redeemer Covenant Church partnered with Keep Carrollton Beautiful in the spring of 2012 to build the community garden on the south end of Redeemer’s property.  There were plans for two phases of building: Phase one was to build 12 raised beds (4′ x 20′) and a storage shed with barrels to collect rainwater runoff, and a fence.  Phase two was to add another 12 beds.

In 2015, the church sold the property that the garden was on to a developer, so the garden was moved closer to the church to its present location.

In 2016 we added a small asparagus bed, blackberries and a xeriscape garden.

In 2017 Redeemer Church approved the building of Phase Two to add 12 more beds and a shade structure, which we hope to complete in 2018.

Get involved:

Community members or organizations can adopt a plot (or half-plot) for a yearly fee and commit to grow organic produce and donate half of their produce to the local food bank.  They also commit to volunteer time to care for their adopted plot, maintain the general welfare of the garden, and help with harvests on Saturday mornings.

Gardener meetings and emails are used to teach about growing seeds at home, what to grow in North Texas, transplanting, organic soil amendments, identifying pests and controlling them organically, harvesting tips, and more.

Community Gardens of Carrollton:

Community Gardens of Carrollton is a non-profit organization that promotes local community gardens, organic gardening, and providing fresh produce to local food banks.  The Giving Garden of Carrollton and the Harvest Community Gardens are both members.

North Texas Food Bank:

Harvest Garden is a North Texas Food Bank (NTFB) Partner because we contribute half our produce to Christian Community Action (one of the NTFB affiliates).   We are grateful for their support and the work they do.

In 2017, Harvest Garden donated 961 pounds organic produce to Christian Community Action’s food pantry.  We have donated over 3,000 pounds since 2012.